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but afteall these years she knows that wishes are just another fantasy crafted out by her little brain.
they are only present in the unrealistic world, that Utopia she's looking for. Maybe in Neverland too...


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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

<33 one and only loveee

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11:10 PM

Thursday, January 05, 2012

brand new year! welcome 2012~ :D

had the awesomest time the past 2 months of holiday and met wonderful load of friends! 2011 has been many ups and down, emotional roller coasters etc. so dear 2012, please treat your dear friend here fine alright? nothing much to ask cept for understanding/hardworkng grpmates and a closer fellowship with God and most importantly family and friends <3

its too much to sum up for 2011 :')

and sorry for neglecting this space... in compensation i shall give you some dope music ;D

4:09 AM

Thursday, November 24, 2011


白羊的人生可以用两个字概括:纠结。不管从哪一方面来说 白羊本身就是一个矛盾的个体。与白羊相恋须知:1.很慢热 我很冷漠 2.很直接 讨厌转弯 3.不喜欢说话 也不喜欢你太吵 4.喜欢自由的感觉 讨厌啰嗦 5.心智很成熟 看事很透彻 6.很绝 7.需要行动证明你爱我。

羊羊人看上去不拘小节 其实感情上道德上有绝对洁癖 触动原则的任何错误哪怕再小都没有办法弥补 决绝的转身 不回头 不难过 不留遗憾 不内疚 因为内心已经想的很明白 问心无愧 犀利得一塌糊涂。

你的一点关心 心思细腻的白羊会记得你对他的好 把自己的爱毫无保留的送给你 白羊是不被了解的 可他们不会怨谁。他们会傻傻的认为 让我承担吧 别让别人也受到伤害。所以 别让他们最有魅力的笑容成为掩饰痛苦的伪装 认真爱白羊。你会知道白羊的爱 是充满泪水的。

羊羊内心都很善良很柔软。羊羊内在的感性绝对不会亚于双鱼 羊羊真的是毫无心机地活在这个世界上 TA善良得如此无私 往往让人觉得不真实。TA很怕很怕被人误解 尤其是被自己在乎的人误解。羊羊其实本身真的很正直 确实耍不来心机 即使不被理解 被误解 也依旧试着解释。

白羊的反击力很强 吵架的时侯 羊羊可能会说一些很让人伤心的话 相信我 羊羊真的不是故意的 那是TA的直觉反应 吵架就是要吵赢嘛!羊羊很可能一说出口就后悔了 可是经常很难拉下脸来 衷心的道歉。不要跟白羊生气 放TA一马我保证TA心里会很感激 对你加倍的好。

羊很懒 不想活得那麼累 能简单尽量简单 不爱解释 始终认为懂自己的不用解释 不懂自己的不必解释 不相管那麼多不相干的事 TA们只挑自己爱做的事 要么不做 要做就做到最好 其实羊羊也是完美主义者 极端主义者 要么破碎 要么完美 不要中间。

白羊座 对好朋友可以很热情 乱七八糟聊个不停 对比较普通的朋友很冷淡 聊不上几句就沉默。羊羊很珍惜对他/她好的朋友 TA感觉是坏的 便有意疏离。羊羊的普通朋友很多 好朋友没几个。羊羊很孤独 常常自己一个人 一个人吃饭 一个人上学 一个人逛街 一个人发呆。

白羊真的没办法一心二用 聊手机时会把电影暂停 工作时不知道听的是哪首歌 思考时不知道你在说的什么 因为羊羊的注意力只能集中在其中之一 白羊们更不会去花心 因为羊羊喜欢简单 脚踩两条船对羊羊而言是非常麻烦及复杂的事情 羊羊懒得去做 因为羊羊真的很懒

sigghhh after reading the 2nd last paragraph it just further confirms #foreveralone T.T

anywway working at bookfest is so tiring! i have never ever in my entire life of doing sales do until so demoralising :'( dont even know why i even bother to press on so hard >.< its week been very bleak for me cos i was very much affected by the sales sighhhhh

a greta piece of news to share is... I PASSED MY DIPLOMA!!! :D whooho! got invited to the graduation! but sadly dont think i will be turning up for the ceremony ba ... cos #foreveralone no friends, so whats the use of graduating alone? :( *emo one corner*

12:12 AM

Sunday, November 06, 2011

How true! 单恋是最痛苦的 :(

But there's always the perks of being single! One more new member in the group now! :( idk to be happy or sad for them.. Cos it's a on ongoing problem and now when it has finally ended its not really a purrrfect ending as I thought it would be... But at least it has come to an end.. Oh well!!

Buttered last weds and gotta say it's really fun!! Totally enjoyed myself with the music and company :) how rare that u don't see a queue outside butter on a ladies night! :O haha..

It's late and shall get some sleep! Abrupt end.. Goodnight <3

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2:04 AM

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sigh... It's was a bad paper today w all the formula not correctly memorized :( haiz! Felt that I should have out more effort actually, alas too late for remorseful regret T.T

Oh wells...


Need to be more productive! 2 more papers lets go! Fighting!

And I think I'm overusing my phone! My safari keeps crashing these few days! The battery also.. It depletes as fast as forests are depleting now!! Haiz!! Ifone pls stay strong.. U are barely half year old!

Bank accounting running low toooo!! Need.a.job.

Alright shall resume my mundane routine :( fml for the next... Hmm... 4 days??

Gonna count down to the hours nearer the date! Weeee! Absolutely can't wait!

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11:04 PM

So blooody tired! Felt like I aged another ten years studying this :(

And my table is a war zone!

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11:12 AM

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One paper down! But totally don't feel like studying alr!

My dad so cute!!! He loves to put my xiaomao in place.. Heehege (inside joke HAHAHAH)

N cooks the best maggiemee ever!!!

And a tiny garden just outside the window! Wheee!!

This's what happens when u are cooooped at home n feel v bored! U take pic of everything!! Haha... And learn to appreciate ur home better, rather than just a hotel that u checks in and out everyday! :)

Recently my life is spiced up x99999 with whatsapp!! The infamous 惊爆!! Group hahaha <3 everyday is less boring!

And one last pic!! Spot the mistake... Let me hint: it has to do w temperature hahaha!!

Ok shall officially start mugging le! :'|

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3:39 PM

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's amazing how looking at this can make u hungry...

Hmm afterall I didn't eat supper today that's why??

At this point of time im barely 3/4 done dieeee :'|

It's getting too dismal! :(((((

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my iPhone

1:37 AM

Saturday, October 22, 2011

this is really a brillant idea!!!! too bad, exams are not virtual submissions. oh well :( OK IM STUDYING ALREADY HAHAHHA

3:38 PM

my fav picture ^^ aawww :3 why so hot!!


this is damn hilarious!!!! HAHAHAHAHA
true? hahaha

even guys look up to nyan cat!

LOL... reading 9gag is damn funny AHAHAHAHAHAHA

ok last one, and IM GONNA STUDY... for real. hahahahahaha

hope if cheers you all up if you are having a bad day/week/month/year (what?! year? LOL then FYL!! hahahahaha)

have a great wkend! ;D

2:02 PM

This is exactly how I look now... Except I'm not that yellow :(

Feeling v brain drain and nothing is going in and I'm being distracted by the smallest thing and just don't feel like reading my notes even all of them are screaming at me "pls read me nowwww stop playing ur games!!" aarrggghhhh.......

It's like there's too many things to do but idk which one to start >.< ohmilord.... Pls let me clear this sem! Amen....

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12:19 AM

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's insane amount of shit load to study for a 60marks MCQ >.<

Just kill me man, it will be alot easier.. Haiz... 烦死了:S

12:12 AM

Monday, October 17, 2011

You know how much you have studied when you realized that the pen you always use to write has gone missing. after a whole long day that is... :(

Sweet "comforting" moments like these make me so disgusted with my own procrastination D':

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3:13 AM

been through too much of happenings, it's time to settle down and be serious >.< haiz! Gonna be a tough week baby

:'( brace mua-self for the worst T.T

1:42 AM

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sleepness night ytd :'|

Lesson learnt:

1. not to talk about something too hype before u turn in
2. never touch your phone before u sleep
3. Stop thinking too much before u sleep, thinking should be left till exam day yo...
4. Don't play nyan space @.@

7:40 AM

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My dad is so cute again!! He was walking ard the house thinking if he should wash the car! Hahaha! Car = second wife! Lol...

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1:49 PM

Thursday, October 06, 2011

The revolutionary of Apple u will always be remembered! :'( the very thing I'm holding tight everyday is indeed something iconic to this century.. Thank you For bringing this technology n taking out of the computer nerds n sharing it with us! :') despite many failures n close to bankruptcy you choose to be optimistic created this beautiful legend! Thanks for being such an inspiration! May this legacy continues!

Apple FTW!!!!!

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10:05 AM

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Happy belated birthday my dear BFF!!! <33

It's almost a wk of study break and I haven touch single revision yet!! >_< omgzz!!

N happy belated bday to my one and only friend in the entire LT :D even being an antisocial I don't ever feel alone w u! <3 you are my motivation to class every single lecture (ahem apart from my eyecandies heehee) n my chicken rice/ chicken chop/ guo tie partner as well!! Haha! 2 #foreveralone becomes #neveralone ;D

It's gonna be a happy day!! So eggcited that I can't sleep! Going to USS tmr, so praying for good weather cos these few days sg seems to kena flu everyday those kind sick weather loh... Haiz!!

Ok I shall sleep alr ;) goodnighty!

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3:07 AM

Friday, September 30, 2011

Mental note to self.....

6:03 PM

Monday, September 19, 2011

Haiz... What a tremendously long day! :( why everyone behaving like this de T.T

Emo kid x10000000000000000

1:05 AM

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ytd was a rather crazy night sia... Drink drank drunk ttm! Drank cosmo, supermodel, long island tea, half a tequila shot, malibu pineapple, lychee martini n abit of blue lagoon!! Omgzzzzzz la, so gonna abstain from drinking for one month alr >_<

Love helipad! But the dance floor is damn empty only! Idk why!! ~.~ haha according to H don't think we will be going back anytime soon cos... Ahem ahem too much of happenings ytd night ;|

After sleeping for 4 hours I'm feeling so much better!! Eating my so called breakfast now! Whee!!

6:11 PM

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wahpiangeh... My dad attempted to cook red bean soup n it turned out...


Sweet until mua hair wanna fall out alr.... ZzzzzzZZZzz

4:42 PM

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hahaha... Jaws dropped! Even exceeded call time haiz!!

Thankfully got Unlimited SMS muhahahah ;>

Anyw this wk been having some hiatus. Shiok!! Love holiday sooo much! <3

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2:13 PM

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wish to say it but I can't. Holding it back it's like exploding within...

Haiz everything seems to be crashing upon me and school/projects/relationships/commitments/plannings are seriously taking a toll on me.

I hope really that everything that I worry about would turn out will and this bad feeling inside would slowly evolve into a positive one, a happy ending. Hate to see people around me getting hurt n the last thing I would ever wanna do is to hurt them...

Oh well, what a friend we have in Jesus. When all fails, my lord doesn't and that's what will always matters to me #alwaysandforever.. <3 ahem! And mua bffs, i cannot live without you all aawww :3

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1:40 AM

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

It was indeed a wise deicision to drink coffee just now. As predicted I don't think I'm sleeping in for tonight T.T

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12:53 AM

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Always v last min!!! I'm so G.G for tues test!!! Less than 72hrs to cramp all the formula n practices in mua head! >.<

and a random thought.. In finance we learn the time value of money. We can calculate it through all the diff types of inflation rate and it's evident from from those figures that we know time has pass and eroded our value of money.. Hmmm but u see, in man, we see the time value in a person's face. There's no need to use formula or figures to prove that they have aged... Cos I looked in my dads eye and it just suddenly jolted to me that he has aged! :( he used to have a nice head full of jet black hair but now you can clearly see some white strand popping out.. I realised that its been long since i talked to him face to face, the tiredness in his face and the depth of his eyebags... Just feel so sad that as we grow moving into the 20s our parents are getting older n older day by day! I'm so scared of the day when I'm mature enough to understand their thoughts they wont b ard for me anymore :(((((

haaaiizzzz I shld spend more time w my family before it's too late!

But meanwhile chiong for test nowww! And wishing all teachers a happy teachers' day! Cliche as it sounds but from the bottom of my heart I would be where I'm now without them.. :) it's really a v inspirational job! Bur sadly i don't think I have the patience for such a profession!

11:31 PM

Monday, August 29, 2011

may this be my consent reminder..

9:11 PM

Friday, August 26, 2011

Feeling v dismal lately T.T

Sometimes you just wish you could disappear n never come back, no?

Optimistics would tell you abt their life changing story n inspire you to grind fist and continue the fight... But how about looking it from another point that you've been doing the exact same thing n it's too exhausting and weighing you down terribly?? And how about having put in your best effort but it wasn't reciprocated as what you have believed it would? Oh mi lord.. I'm too washed out and tired of all these crap :'(

Just hopes the day would get better as it goes.. Amen!

1:52 AM

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Haiz... Competition with your inner self is the toughest challenge! :( need to out perform myself!

Anyw... Monday was way over too bluezzzz (for almost everyone) :'|

Hope this week fly pass, let the unhappiness stays where it is and no further.. On the journey of finding the happy mood one wk ago :|

It's indeed a tragic week :((((((( and I hate accounting!!!! T.T

11:15 PM

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The stack in the right is what I have to complete by Sunday!

Super G.G already!!!!!! T.T been reading since afternoon but I'm barely halfway there!!!!!! Look at the stack on the left ---> miserable!

And my eyes feel as if they are bleeding already! Ohmuatian!!!!

:'| FML to the core..

9:31 PM

Thursday, August 18, 2011

#foreveralone.... :'(

plus, tests coming up in a wks time!! not prepared at all!! >.< give me optimism pleaseee...

11:17 PM

Saturday, August 13, 2011

happy song!

happy wkends!! *hearts* counting down the last few days of my holidays ... so much cheer up with a cheerful song! :D

anyw was updating songs in itunes and was totally in love with DJ earworm!!! best mashup everrrr!!!! *many hearts*

go listen!!

damn shiokkkk!!!! :D wheee!

9:40 PM

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Totally enjoyed NDP this year! The fireworks display is like o.o hahaa :D thanks ml for the tickets!! <33

12:40 PM

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My ndp nails! Haha attempted to draw crescent n stars! But level 20 too difficult! Hahaha so did a level 5 design heehe!! Right hand is super cui so didn't take a pic :P

2:19 AM

seriously.. i kinda dread school :'|

miss those carefree days!

haaaiizz. so disappointed in people ard me. totally hate guys being as a pain in the ass and so thick skin. too unbelievable :O like how that day during work i was super pissed off by this guy. hello, not all sales girl sell because of commission one ok.... big misunderstanding hello!!

you asked for my opinion so i said not bad lo... but then u said i was fake cos im just trying to sell the product --> wtf. then ask me for what. aaarggghhhhh!!! so pissed!!!!! makes my blood boil! :(

then today another incident that brings me to this qn why guys are such a bitch? seriously they have more feminine quality than girl loh... super pek chek.

nvm, shal let bygones be bygones. tmr is a new day :) pray for brillant weather! cant wait for the fireworks :D

ps. happy birthday singapore! if m rich enough to buy you a present, i would get you a mega huge aircon!!! so we dont have to sweat under this scorching sun anymore ;) heehee!

2:06 AM